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It's Time To Boycott
by Thomas Cole JD

Make the Current Traitorous GOP Leadership Step Aside - 

  1. Help us make the party effective again.

   Greetings dear GOP supporters

This is Thomas Cole, JD. Yes, a law degree and I run a political communications, consulting, election data business in Montecito.

In 2019-20 we managed a campaign for State Assembly 37 and consulted for several other local campaigns. Our candidate for State Assembly got 85,000 votes from SB and Ventura counties November 2020. Thanks for your support.

2) Revolt

   I'm writing you today because there’s a revolt in the local Santa Barbara GOP. I’m part of this revolt because I care about wining our local elections, about getting our conservative message across to all voters and about attacking democrats and their dangerous ideas.

The reason for revolt is that current leadership of McGinnis, Gandrud, Bischoff are no good. They don’t know what the hell they’re doing. They don’t win elections, they don’t even try. They don’t support candidates. They don’t attack democrats. In fact they perpetrated a coverup of systemic election fraud, assisting the democrats in hiding fraudulant numbers. They’re inefficient, disorganized, cliquish and should be sidelined from power.


Besides all that I’m sure they’re fine people. They just don’t know much about political strategy and are disloyal to conservatives.

3) SBGOP - Zero Support for Candidates

   In the last election the central committee (CC) handed out zero support to most candidates. Many local candidates have this complaint, just ask them.

We got zero support for our District 37 Assembly race. No voting data, no money no nothing from the SBGOP. We did bring in over $30,000 private donations from some of you and appreciate that.

But the SB GOP Central Committee (CC) solicits and collects your money and then wastes it on nothing at their whim. In fact we’re not sure where the money goes, but it doesn’t go to most candidates. Unlike individual candidates, the CC can legally accept any amount of cash from donors and then decides where to spend it. We think their spending is unwise.

And even more concerning, recently the CC began spending your donated money to publicly attack conservatives and shutting down local election integrity investigations.

4) Election Fraud Coverup by SB GOP CC

  That’s where I draw the line. June this summer these three CC members attended a secret meeting with the democrats on the election board. After that secret meeting with democrats tMcGinnis, Bischoff and Gandrud sent out a statewide GOP press release claiming "the election was safe and secure and there was no election fraud"... 

"Without seeing a single ballot, they publicly supported the dems narrative".

When questioned in a group meeting on why the hell they would help the dems cover up election fraud SB GOP President McGinnis’ response was; (from the transcript)

“Well, I got a call from (redacted CAGOP leader) and there was a lot of outside pressure and the election board was about to be sued so I had to do something to stop all that…” B. McGinnis

These CC members are not only politically dumb, but now they’re collaborating with democrats and democrat media state-wide in a coverup. A coverup to enhance and project democrat narratives. Their actions look bad, harm our image and create a perception of disloyalty and self dealing.

This we don’t need.

Rank and file members of the SBGOP and others in the community have questioned CC leadership for these unusual actions to no avail. Actions like attacking conservatives with GOP press releases, scuttling election investigations and working with the dems to get the criminal dem message out…with your GOP money.

Have you heard enough?

5) CC not Listening - Not Growing the Party

   We and I mean our group of active members that demand a more effective party, have presented leadership with new ideas.

Ideas like attacking democrats and supporting candidates.

Ideas like getting organized and productive, like inviting in more diverse and larger membership…

But the result has been a tirade of reprisals in committee meetings followed by shutting down any votes to change things. Leadership is circling their ancient, rickety wagons and digging in their hob nail boots.


This central committee is reactionary, inept, digitally weak and basicaly feeble minded. They are holding back our conservative message and success. They need to go out to pasture with their door knocking, self dealing ideas of 19th century politicking. For instance out of all Santa Barbara County, these so called leaders have a current mailing list of 3,000. That's it... Three thousand people. No wonder nothing is being done.

6) Solution - New Blood - New Ideas - Organization

   The only fast and efficient way to remove these Rinosaurs is for you, the donors to cut off their money. Send the SBGOP an email telling them why you want new, effective leadership…

And cc me Thomas at

If you want to express your thoughts and opinions… I’m all ears.

Let’s get this over with.

7) Results For Your Money

    I assume that you the donor want results for your money, not procedures, not resolutions and collaboration with democrats. By stopping donations to the current democrat-oriented CCGOP leadership, you can help us put in new, modern and effective leadership.

8) After the Fall - Organized Leadership

   When current leadership agrees to step aside in a party friendly gesture of solidarity, we will again ask for renewed donations from you, our treasured donors. With new leadership, the party will have actual organization and battle plans to attack and defeat the race obsessed, religion oppressing, marxist, tax and spend, giant government knows best democrats.

And with all that new organization, we can also finally reach out to the big whales and corporate donors for financial help. We know for a fact they are waiting for us to show them an organized plan. We have this plan now for putting forth our conservative vision of individual freedoms, individual responsibility, smaller government, less regulations and less taxes. The call is for more freedom, not more government control. What’s not to like?

9) Here’s How It’s Done

   Here’s several actual attack the democrat campaign videos from 2020 that show what I’m talking about. Hitting democrat policies and how they hurt American families, business and society in general.

10) New Purpose & Strategy

Our new leadership is:

  • Strategically organized to achieve goals

  • Ready to bring in new members and help the party grow

  • Bring in new donors

  • Will support candidates

  • Will attack marxist/democrats

  • And will reach out to those middle ground people that we need to win.

We will reach out…

  • To families that want school choice, vouchers and a chance to own a home.

  • To parents that are sick of race training CRT and the anti America studies curriculum.

  • To the faith community who don’t want perversion and hate taught in government schools, and don’t want to be attacked for religious beliefs.

  • To latinos who want good jobs, safe schools and a chance to buy a home.

  • And where are the Latinos in our SBGOP? Latinos make up 40% of our community… and we have near zero Latinos in our SBGOP. What’s up with that?

  • We promise to change this paucity of Latino representation pronto…and

  • To expand SBGOP membership

  • To any registered republican with $50.

  • Students free.

  • Imagine 250 SBGOP members all reaching out to the community and delivering our conservative, family friendly message.

  • Reaching out to all younger people - They want jobs, housing, freedom of choice even if they don’t know it yet! For instance a local survey by one of our members found 79% of people under 30 approve of the CA recall.

  • To doctors, nurses and all health care professionals who don’t like being forced by government or employers to take the clot shot.

  • To business owners and employees who want the freedom to work.

  • And weekly zoom meetings

Is that asking too much?

11) Reaching Out To NNP’s

   Our recent video below shows new support from doctors and nurses and other health care professionals… for our conservative values of freedom, self determination, privacy and limited government.

   NPP’s, families, JFK dems are now finding out democrat equals government control, forced vax and mask, closed businesses, closed schools and churches and marxism…And we in the GOP need to reach out to them. They are ready to listen.

12) Conclusions

   You can be sure that if government workers were deemed non-essential, all lock downs would end tomorrow.

There’s just a whole slew of issues that current leadership is oblivious to. And that lack of knowledge is wasting your time and money and loosing us elections.

So cut them off, or threaten to. At least until the dead wood moves aside. We are ready to go with new leadership, new ideas and definite plans.

Help us make the party effective again.

Thank You Thomas Cole JD

Write me at

For your views.

Do we continue losing or do we modernize and expand our party?


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