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November 2019 Update

On Tuesday, October 29th, Fair Education Santa Barbara's lawsuit survived the school district's anti-SLAPP motion!  Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Anderle ruled that our case will go forward and that our complaint must be answered by November 19th.

“This was a great day for Fair Education Santa Barbara. Our case continues strongly against the school district and Matsuoka and on all of our major claims and we’re going forward. We believe strongly that the case law and the facts will allow us to find that the contract between the school district and Just Communities Central Coast (JCCC) is void as a matter of law and should be thrown out,” said Mr. Eric Early, the lead lawyer for Fair Education Santa Barbara.

The stakes in this battle are huge.  We are fighting against the illegal funding of a harmful and divisive curriculum within our government schools.  The other side?  They'd love if your tax dollars continued to be bucketed to their friends, our children's futures be damned.   The stakes are so high that two top legal firms have flown a total of 4 lawyers into Santa Barbara to defend JCCC,  the purveyor of a highly divisive, oppressor/victim curriculum.   Kirkland Ellis sent two lawyers to the Oct 29th hearing as did Perkins Coie.  Perkins Coie, some may recall, is the legal team that was hired by Hilary Clinton in 2015 and orchestrated the Fusion GPS Russian dossier which metastasized into the Mueller Report.    Why are these two hugely influential and powerful firms working to protect a small Santa Barbara-based social justice outfit?  Who is paying them and why?   Clearly, some very powerful people want to keep things just the way they are. 

As parents, teachers, and citizens of Santa Barbara,  we are fighting for our children's future and for the future of America.    We have racked up some pretty hefty legal fees to get to this point where victory is within reach,  and we need your help.   All monies raised go directly to our excellent legal team lead by Eric Early. 

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Fair Education Santa Barbara is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation formed by concerned citizens to advocate for Santa Barbara’s children, students, and teachers in the District’s government-funded schools and colleges. More information about Fair Education Santa Barbara can be found at www.faireducation.org.  

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Page from Fair Education Santa Barbara vs JCCC lawsuit- Showing JCCC "training chart"

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