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11 Things Republicans Need To Do

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

1) This is recommending the SBGOP get it together, or go the way of the Dodo bird. 2) The GOP sends out a chart that says every dollar donated goes to local elections, however most candidates get nothing from SBGOP. Cole didn't get a penny and lost $10k signing up, nor was Greg H supported, nor Caroline, or Elrawd not Christy. What can be done about this? Good question, 3) In general my answer is a unified and effective SBGOP. Unified around a set of winning principles and metrics. How does that happen? 4) GOP What are Our Principles - A local GOP that stands by its principles and supports candidates across the board. A SBGOP that has a list of ideals to stand on. A list of ideals and metrics against the communist left, against the school propaganda, against taxation and business disruption and the loss of our rights as Americans. 4.2 "Family-Faith-Jobs-Education-That's the GOP" 4.3) Protect our rights and freedoms. The Constitution. Due Process. Our rights to be free from government coercion, to be free from forced government attacks on our bodies, our children's bodies, our children's minds and emotions. These are GOP standards and metrics we can advertise. These are also libertarian ideals and we should court them to join us and work with those centrist people to create further coalitions. 5) Hispanic Outreach - And on that list include outreach to the Hispanic community, our natural allies in conservatism. 6) Voter Outreach - And if few among that Hispanic community votes, then registrar them, have tequila and taco parties, bring in the Mariachis and ask community leaders to invite their people to our rallies. 7) Have Anthony Trimino come and speak, and Michele Quaid come and speak, and Christy Lozano come and speak and local Hispanic Church leaders come and speak about our principles. 8) The local and state GOP seems reticent to listen or act upon these ideas, but the dems are constantly reaching out to this 37% of our county and state. With anti conservative school propaganda, anti religious propaganda... Young Latinos end up thinking we are the clan. 7) Attack the Opposition - And I think it’s important for our candidates to attack the opposition, like Christy did. Because the dems will stick around, year after year, always winning. And people remember valid attacks, but forget the losing candidates. We must attack and chip away with consistent themes, developed and implemented with purpose, across all our conservative candidates. A Synergistic, coordinated, blitzkrieg against leftist candidates, creating a critical mass of community awareness, that the left is destructive. 8) All year long is the time to attack the dems, and election season is the season when a few people are listening, so really attack the dems before elections. Even Jerry Roberts caught wind of the 67% school failure rate, because Christy Lozano gracefully and with military precision placed that message into the public forum. And Jerry Roberts, super lib, still wanted Christy's message out in public, because he may actually care about education and waste of public education funds. 9) That is traction from attack action. We must attack to drive our message home every election, its politics. For instance, Salud is a communist, he has lunch with communists, gives out awards to communists, lives with communists and DSA members. And Salud only cares for white montecito donors... while cutting jobs and housing for north county Latinos. Where was MWQ on this and other attack issues? 10) We must attack every election and chip away at these lefty, communist, big government, big tax, anti working class, anti religion, anti American job destroying progressive lunatics. Every election. Do not leave them unscathed. Look at what Christy Lozano has done. Salcido is bloody and thats how the leftist candidate should be after an election. Salud didn't even notice the last primary. What primary ? We must change that. What else is there for us to do? 11) Elections mean fighting, and fighting means causing injury. Throw over the tables, cast out the money changers. Develop a general theme for attacking the dems, what do you think they are doing every year to us? And we are not even in charge of anything, yet the dems blame us for all that's wrong. Now that's their strategy. And it works. We need to develop our own and implement it.

-- Thomas Cole JD

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