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CA37 Election Numbers Don't Add Up

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Open Letter to VC Registrar of Voters 37th District Election Numbers Don’t Ad Up Greetings Registrar of Voters Mark A. Lunn. I'm the campaign manager for Charles Cole for Assembly. We ran the recent 37th District election on issues like; more jobs, opening schools and business, limited government, no new taxes, support for police, protecting our Bill of Rights, vouchers and other libertarian and conservative messages. Cole garnered over 85,000 Ventura and Santa Barbara County voters who agreed with those policy issues.

Now, with all that's happened nationwide, we and our parent company Analytics805.com are statistically analyzing what we see as possible vote/registration irregularities, implausible numerical results and other anomalies across the 37th Assembly District election of 2020. Anomalies like the tens of thousands of new voters who suddenly appeared in the 37th District, voting 96.3% to our opponent. We have questions about these new voters, and also about the machines (Dominion?) That may have been used to calculate the votes in Ventura County...

1) How did Cole's 37th district gain a staggering 17,894 new voters in the 2020 election? These are new voters added after the heavily voted 2016 37th district race. And with no increase in population.

2) We and our experts expect to review the stored election and registration data from 2020 on these 17,894 new voters in the 37th. Redacted election data is public property and not secrete government info. There’s no good reason to hide it.

3) Information like; Who are these 17,894 new 37th District voters?

4) Were their signatures verified? How? And where do they all live?

4.1) Are there17,894 new housing units in the 37th? We can now rejoice!

5) Obtain election/registration data that could help explain how these 17,894 new voters went 96.3% to our esteemed opponent. Like maybe these new voters were all in favor of school lockdowns, business closures, and lawsuits against local Pastors. We have doubts about this.

6) Obtain and freely inspect the time stamped election numbers contained in the vote tabulation machines from the November 3, 2020 election. From early voting until vote counting ceased. That means a time/vote graph representation.

7) Inspect and test the dominion or other machines used to 'calculate' all Ventura Counties votes.

So these are the Cole Campaign requests. We hope and kindly expect election officials to comply with these requests in a timely manner and/or to release requested raw, redacted numerical data to our campaign ASAP. We are the legitimate representatives of the voting public, 85,000 worth and we owe them a steely eyed study of this election. We look forward to inspecting the machines and seeing the requested data. Thomas Cole J.D. Owner analytics805.com

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