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Systemic Election Fraud in Santa Barbara County

This is Dr. Thomas Cole, Campaign Official for the Assembly District 37 CA 2020 election. I hereby file this criminal complaint with the Santa Barbara Sheriffs Department. The crimes I claim are regarding election fraud in the 2020 election in Isla Vista, which I believe is under the SB Sheriffs jurisdiction. SB ADA has directed this complaint to your office. I outline the following felony crimes, committed in Santa Barbara County by election officials and their employees in the November 3, 2020 37th State Assembly district election. 1) Where - The particular area is Isla Vista and the exact precinct is the Torres building, which normally houses 3,800 UCSB students. 2) What - For the 2020 November 3 election the building was empty, deserted, locked up and completely empty due to covid. And yet that building, which is its own precinct, voted with a 75% 'turnout' as shown on the SB Statement of votes. 3) Why a Crime? Because there is no legal way to forward ballots to students who were living at home, all over the state on Nov 3 2020. Ballot forwarding is strictly illegal. And there were nearly zero absentee ballots turned in for these students, and so the only way they all could have voted from a locked up building that is no longer any students address is: a) Someone in charge of the mail at the building illegally filled out those ballots for the students and sent all those ballots directly back to the election board, which is a felony. b) Someone in charge of or with access to the ballots and signature machines at the election boards simply ignored the phony signatures on the ballots returned from the Torres Building which is a felony... Or officials turned off the signature inspection machine, Or officials lowered the threshold of the machine inspection on the Torres building precinct ballots, thus allowing the approximately 3,000 fraudulent ballots to be counted, all of which actions are felonies. The fact is; only a student actually residing in the Torres Building during October-November 2020 could have received a ballot to vote. And since the building was closed and locked down, that is impossible. Thus the 3,000 votes counted from that Torres Building in Isla Vista are illegal.

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The test for phony signatures is to match signatures on Torres Building ballots with a signature on record in the SB election center. The Torres Building is a separate precinct. And the election center under Joe Holland has all the ballots and signature records. Do the signatures match? Were they even checked as required by law? Are there 3,000 absentee ballots in existence with signatures from residents of the Torres Building? Ask if and how the signatures were checked. Or... c) Some UCSB employee in charge of the Torres Building mail illegally forwarded all the ballots received at the Torres Building from Joe Holland, to the students at their parent's homes throughout the state or nation. Those illegally forwarded ballots were then filled out by student voters, returned by mail, and illegally accepted at the Santa Barbara election board, by Joe Holland and associates, which is a felony. A felony because the election officials know that... any official who aids the casting of an illegal ballot has committed a felony. [18500 -18503] The test for this event is to find and question the person in charge of mail at the Torres building. Ask them if they forwarded ballots to students before or during Nov 3, 2020. If they answer yes that is a felony. If no they didn’t forward ballots to residents of the Torres Building, then how did all those students get ballots to vote? The SB election board could claim they forwarded the ballots to students' parent's addresses. Except the election boards don’t have that information. The election board can only send a ballot to the Torres Building address for students registered there because that is the only address an Isla Vista/Torres Building voter may have. A voter cannot have two voting addresses in the state. And so there are felonies all over the place, and we have suspects, motive, opportunity, and evidence... 3,000+ fraudulent ballots sitting in Joe Holland's office waiting for inspection. This is my criminal complaint, under penalty of perjury. We have researched the numbers and they don’t add up. Dr. Thomas Cole JD

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