Public Relations Analysis -

Power Charts by Freedom Analytics

Here's an Analytics805 video cut that brought our client five million hits and an interview on Fox and Friends. Now that's national attention.

Power Charts - Show where you are and where you are going. The example above is a real but anonymous organization. It's operations and location in the power grid is shown.
This could be your organization, or your nemesis'... laid out for complete visual comprehension. This is just one of the ways we analyze your business and media needs.
From here we create a new or amended model showing the action steps needed to realign your media presence, and achieve your goals. 
Let us help you find where your organization is. Visually you will see how you fit into the world of media, politics, government. Once you know where you are, we will show you how to get where you want to be. 
These charts are a great way to set your course, make corrections and set up the right campaign for your specific needs.

Here's an example of our Powercharts.. This helps to visualize how your organization works, and how to improve your groups position.

Original copy.png
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