The Final Word
Thomas Cole

Upcoming shows at the Mar Monti Hyatt, East Beach Santa Barbara

Press lines for The Final Word Live (proposed contestants and host)

  1. 1)  “What’s wrong with Conservatives (and Liberals)? Find out!

  2. 2)  “The Final Word Live with Thomas Cole, with Gary Michaels and TBA Guest

    Journalists - Nick Welsh, Jean Yamamura and Denali Smith

  3. 3)  “This is Speed Dating with Politics”

  4. 4)  “Watch the Liberals ROAST a dumb conservative” (Cole)...

  5. 5)  “This is more fun than reading a newspaper!”

  6. 6)  “Live at the Center Stage Theater, It’s THE FINAL WORD!”

  7. 7)  “It’s THE FINAL WORD LIVE with Thomas Cole and (Host)

  8. 8)  “The Final Word Live makes politics fun again.”

  9. 9)  Only $10 bucks to see your favorite journalists roast a dumb

    conservative. That’s worth at least $20!!

  10. 10)  Text your questions in live, to your favorite local a

    debate with lunatic conservatives!

  11. 11)  “The Final Word Live is lot more fun than watching cable news”!

  12. 12)  “This is the most fun since, since... we stole the election!!