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Cancel Culture: Jessica Patterson And The CAGOP Join The Chorus“My Pillow guy Mike Lindell permanently banned from Twitter

This is just a sample of the headlines this past week. I could provide more.

Why is this happening? Because they supported President Trump. I know it’s hard to sympathize but even attorneys are being harassed for defending President Trump and even the Constitution!

How about ordinary people being harassed as they are eating at a restaurant?

It’s only Antifa, Leftists and Democrats shutting down and punishing the “deplorables”, right? I wish. The distressing fact is that the Chair of the California Republican party is using the same tactics on our Republican nominees.

In the last election cycle, the Board of Directors, at Jessica’s direction, withdrew support from two Republican nominees for Congress—Mike Cargile in CD 35 and Ted Howze in CD 10. On what grounds? You’d have to ask her. The Board was given only a few hours’ notice before the action was taken.

But there’s more.

The outgoing Chairwoman also led an effort against, Kathleen Hazelton in SD 25, the Republican State Senate nominee. Fortunately, the Chairwoman was thwarted with a public challenge by grassroots activists.

Like Orwell’s 1984, the “defendants” were not told of the proposed withdrawal of endorsement ahead of time, the grounds for the withdrawal or even allowed to defend themselves.

You’ve got that right! Neither Ted Howze nor Mike Cargile were given a chance to defend themselves. Behind closed doors and without the “defendants” present, your outgoing Chairwoman convinced the State Board to un-endorse Cargile and Howze.

Denying due process and forcing a pre-arranged outcome is what Democrats do, not Republicans. And our outgoing Chairwoman succeeded twice.

On her third attempt, Kathleen Hazelton, a Board member finally spoke up, said it was wrong and the Chairwoman was voted down. What the Board didn’t know at the time was five more Republican nominees were sitting on the “chopping block” with the Chairwoman ready to drop the guillotine knife.

Not letting a bad example go to waste, it continues by proxy.

Following the lead of her State GOP Chairwoman, Sacramento Chair Betsy Mahan is demanding the resignation of an elected member of the Sacramento Republican Central Committee.

Mahan is demanding that Jeff Eric Perrine resign from the Committee. Like Patterson, no notice was given, no hearings are allowed, and no defense is permitted. And like Patterson, Mahan is making wild charges in the media about a Republican she solely decided needs to be expunged from the party.

Here’s Mahan’s reasoning. Perrine is a member of the Proud Boys. The Proud Boys allegedly were involved and lead the January 6 “insurrection” at our Nation’s capital or as the Democrats see it—the “Erection”. Perrine must be purged because he is a part of that group. Mahan rages to the media like the Wizard in OZ. It’s guilt by association. It does not matter that Perrine was in California—not in Washington—on January 6th. Pay no attention to the man (or is it the woman) behind the curtain. But, let me play devil’s advocate for Mahan. If she thinks Perrine should resign, that’s her right. The Sacramento Republican Central Committee By-laws have provisions for filing complaints, providing notice, holding hearings, and taking votes on removal from the Party.

But like Patterson, Mahan would rather insert “Cancel Culture” in the Republican Party. With leaders like these, we don’t need Democrats. They couldn’t do it any better. And like Democrats, our leaders would have no standards if they didn’t have “double standards”.

Remember the complaints against state GOP delegates like Mike Madrid and Luis Alvarado? They openly campaigned for the Democrat nominee for President Joe Biden, and Democrat Senate Nominees Jon Ossoff and Raphel Warnock. Jessica Patterson ignored the activities of the offenders AND the complaints.

Is this why Mahan feels free to assault Jeff Eric Perrine in the media rather give him due process? Republicans are better than that. We are civil and responsible. We follow by-laws and rules. If there is a problem with a candidate or member, we extend due process—that sacred right first enshrined in the Magna Carta in that open field at Runnymede. We present charges, we hold hearings, and we take proper votes. We apply the rules evenly, both against the far-right and the far-left Biden wing of the California GOP.

If there is a problem with Jeff Perrine, Betsy, hold a fair hearing where evidence of his guilt is presented, he is granted a chance to defend himself and a vote is taken. Likewise, delegates openly defying the CAGOP and campaigning for Democrats Joe Biden, Jon Ossoff and Raphel Warnock should face the exact same process.

To date, there has been no notice, no hearing, and no vote on the activities of Mike Madrid and Luis Alvarado. There is plenty of evidence, but it evidently will not happen on Chairwoman Patterson’s watch.

If the outgoing Chairwoman is re-elected, you can expect the same one-sided and rigged process. One set of Republicans (“the deplorables) will be targeted, while delegates who are obviously Democrats flout the by-laws of the Republican Party. It’s a double standard. It exists because if the outgoing Chairwoman didn’t have double standards, she’d have no standards. Why are you elected Republicans supporting her? Are you hoping to feed the alligator, so you are “eaten” last? Don’t you know how easily you can fall from her “good” graces?

Why do voters leave the Party instead of getting involved in the Republican Party in California?

Why are good candidates leery of running for office as Republicans in California?

Why are volunteers unwilling to get involved in the Republican Party in California?

Simple. They see Republican leaders adopting the standards, policies and actions of radicals and Democrats—implementing the same CANCEL CULTURE in the Republican Party. There is no safety, no sanctuary, just selfishness and veniality.

If I am elected as your California Republican Party Chair, everyone, regardless of the accusation will get notice and a fair a hearing. Everyone will be able to present a defense. The State Party By-Laws will be enforced evenly and fairly on everyone.

When I was a member of the 1st Infantry Division in Viet Nam, I learned not to run from conflict, but instead run toward it, embrace it, and resolve it. Those are the standards I will bring to the Republican Party of California as your Chair.

Leaders Lead. The Party Grows. Republican Ideals Succeed.

Stephen Frank

Candidate, Chair of California Republican Party

To support me, go to © Stephen Frank, All rights reserved.

607 Azure Hills Dr

Simi Valley, CA 93065

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