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Final Word Theme Song
Im Awoke  - T. Cole
  • The Final Word Live with Thomas Cole is a closely structured debate show that features a weekly panel of journalists, editors, reporters, newsmakers, debating one lone conservative, yours truly Thomas Cole. 

  • With the assistance of media expert and moderator Gary Michaels, The Final Word Live brings to life the important issues you care about, in a fast paced, creative and humorous setting. 

  • After Thomas Cole's opening monologue on the evenings topic, each panelist has two minutes to make their points on that topic, with the hapless Cole sandwiched in between blazing liberal commentary.

  • Yet Cole gets the Final Word on each ten minute segment...

  •  Summarizing and ending the debate 

Final Word  fans....

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All Videos


"Make Politics Funny Again"
Watch The Final Word Live with Thomas Cole

Our goal is to give you the patron an entertaining, interesting hour...

Filled with sparks, flames and illumination.

With a drink and a laugh or two.

Above the Clouds

Our Guests Include...

Editors and journalists from The Indipendent, The News Press, The Monticito Journal, educators, politicians, gadflies, people with real jobs... and much more...

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This Weeks Opening Monologue

A New Age of Freedom.Gov      Part I

What with all the turmoil and distractions going on the last few years, we seem to have forgotten who is in charge.The government. It’s the government that knows what’s best for us. The government who decides where we will live, what we will learn, what cars to drive, what information we will see and how to heat our home, if we have one.

This nanny state does take a lot of pressure off our shoulders. Without the constraints from knowledge placed upon us by government technocracy, we would be forced to understand our world in ways that are just too difficult for many people. We are now free to contemplate the real important things, like how to pay our property taxes, mortgages, keeping a roof overhead and the lights on. 

And since we are now reduced to modern caveman and cave person status, all our time may be delivered to those primal maters of survival, entertainment and procreation, while our government technocrats make the big decisions.


Decisions like whether we will take a flu shot or take our chances; Like will our children be subjects of a medical experiment that might work or not. These are big choices that .Gov will make for us regardless of any facts or numbers, and there are many. And just so you know, this essay is to be written without the use of

pesky numbers getting in the way.


  As I was saying .Gov has now taken over our most important decisions, so we are free to contemplate other things...A former California governor once said,


  ‘The scariest words ever heard are, I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’ 


  Well, are we ever getting helped. Never seen so much help. These last few years have been very helpful.


We’ve seen children being helped into spreading racial hatred... and changing their genders at will.

We’ve seen rioters, arsonists and cop killers being helped to express themselves. And of course we have been helped to see that our government is always in the right and can do no wrong.


After all, the election machines say it’s so. And after all,  .Gov has all our money and we are just a small cog in a very small, unimportant wheel. So be sure to pay your taxes on time for all this help because .Gov is very expensive with many pensioners...

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