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Asking the Santa Barbara Sheriff to Investigate a Felony...

Greetings Sheriff Brown. I do wish to file a criminal complaint with the Sheriff's Dept. regarding election fraud. Here are the particulars. 1) Where - Our particular area is Isla Vista and the particular precinct is theTorres building, which normally houses 3,800 students. 2) What- For the 2020 November 3 election the building was empty, deserted, locked up and completely empty due to covid. And yet that building, which is it's own precinct, voted with a 75% 'turnout' as shown on the SB Statement of votes. 3) Why a Crime? Because there is no legal way to forward ballots, it is illegal to do so. And there were nearly zero absentee ballotsturned in for these students, and so the only way they all could have voted from a locked up building that is no longer any students address is: 1) Someone in charge of the mail at the building illegally filled out those ballots for the students and sent all those ballots to the election board, which is a felony. 2) Someone at the election boards simply ignored the phoney signatures on the ballots from the Torres Building which is a felony...or turned off the signature inspection machine or lowered the threshold of the machine inspection on the Tores building precinct ballots, thus allowing the approximately 3,570 fraudulent ballots to be counted, which is a felony. 3) Someone in charge of the Torres Building mail illegally forwarded all the ballots to students at their parents homes throughout the nation, and those illegally forwarded and returned from foreign address ballots were later illegally accepted at the Santa Barbara election board, by Joe Holland and associates, which is a felony. So there are felonies all over the place, and we have suspects, motive, ability and evidence... and 3,570 fraudulent ballots sitting in Joe Holland's office waiting for inspection. And so I will be planning on filing that report soon. I am serious. Shall I come in or file it online, or can deputies meet at my office ? I am ready to file a criminal complaint, under penalty of perjury. Also here is our efforts in VC. Kindest Regards Dr. Thomas Cole

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