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What the CAGOP needs to do now.

1) B D S - Boycott - Divest - Sanction big

tech... A) Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter have all conspired to attack and eliminate conservative voices, Trumpism, conservative candidates and our ideas. B) Sell stock in these companies. Buy My Space, Tesla, Bitcoin, anything else. C) Write negative articles on these companies urging others to BDS them and why censorship and monopolies are bad for America. Note the humor of urging censorship of companies that censor conservatives. D) Encourage local and National Governments to BDS and anti trust of these companies.

2) Stop School Propaganda A) National and CAGOP needs to prosecute and win at least one Federal-SCOTUS level suit against... B) Public School Propaganda. C) To turn the yearly tide of indoctrination by every school in the nation. To stop the anti America, anti European, anti founders, anti-conservative, pro communist, pro race hatred, pro marxism propaganda to our students and future voters. D) One win and it’s game over. Use Constitution, Equal Protection, 14th AMD E) Write articles - Stand up at school meetings and sue sue sue...

Below is an"Equity Chart" directly from a local school districts in class materials. Paid for with millions of tax payers dollars to brainwash our public school students. Also supported by so called non-profits doing 'good work' for our state.

3) Disperse GOP Money on a Formulaic Basis A) Collected CAGOP money should dispersed directly to candidates on formula basis. B) Formula - CAGOP 2020 $40M US Senate 15% Total House Races 25% Total 40% CA State Senate 15% CA Assembly 25% 40% Local races 20% C) Using this formula and a $40M yearly budget....From the 2020 CA race. 3) CA State Assembly candidates would receive 25% of $40M = $10M / by 63 candidates = $158,730 4) Local races throughout CA receive $8M divided among the 58 counties = $138,000 per County GOP Central Committee.(*See Benefits 5) 5) In Governor race years Gov race pulls 5% or $2M from cap total if we use 2020 $40M CAGOP contributions. Notes 1) If no US Senate race occurs, those Formula numbers (cash) roll into the House races. 1)CAGOP House candidates would receive $350,000 each with 46 candidates running in 2020 and no US Senate race. (40% of $40,000,000 = $16,100,000/ 46 House races = $350,000 each. 2) CA State Senate 2020 candidates would receive 15% of $40M = $6M/15 candidates = $400,000 each

2) In CAGOP primaries ,Jungle primaries, all primaries, candidates will be on their own. Local GOP may assist them with individual donor money specified to that candidate. 3) Localracesmeansthat20%ofthe CAGOP Formula cash goes to Santa Barbara County GOP committee and each other county GOP committee. $158,000 each County. (2020)

  1. 4) Local County Races may include but not limited to; School boards, City Counsel, BOS, Judges, DA's, Election Officials, etc.

  2. 5) It is recommended that there shall be no substantial amounts of money remaining in CAGOP coffers after each election cycle. (2 Years) (Max 1%)

  1. 6) Non election year CAGOP donations roll into the next year.

  2. 7) Election cycle is two years.

  3. 8) GOP candidates receiving Formula money, must spend it in that race or return it or transfer.

  4. 9) CAGOP candidates may transfer received Formula funds to other CAGOP races, up or down ballot, at their discretion.

10) Local GOP County committees may transfer their unused funds to other counties. 11) Local GOP County committees must spend their Formula funds each election cycle. Zero Balance Rule. 12) Formula funds shall not be spent on non election related activities or purchases. 9) Any complaints about Oxford commas will result in zero funding. (That's an inside joke...)

Benefits of Formula Plan

  1. 1) Under this proposed system, CAGOP will be funding every general election GOP candidate. This will cause a more serious vetting process more accountable to voters.

  2. 2) This funding mechanism will empower all candidates to more fiercely attack their leftist opponents. Attack in a large and visible forum. Creating a huge stage to show that the communists suck.

  3. 3) This visible stage, created by adequate funding, is outreach, is where, when and how the voters can see conservative ideas in action. Our conservatives ideals placed against those ideas of the left, giant government, high taxation, job destruction, state control, school propaganda will change minds.

  4. 4) The plan creates a balance among large and smaller counties not unlike the Electoral College, where smaller states are given some weight against their immense neighboring states.

  5. 5) The plan would get local County Committees funded.

  • T. M. Cole J.D.

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