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Californias Biggest Voting Block - Are Latinos Up For Grabs?

CA Latino Voters 2018 - 2022 11.2 Million Voting Age As of 2018 there were 11.9 million voting age Latinos in CA.

  1. In 2018 there were 6 million registered latino voters.

  2. In 2018 these 6 million voted at 8% turnout so 480,000 latino voters voted.

  3. In 2022 Latinos voted at 15% turnout creating 883,000 votes in CA. An 87.5% increase.

SB county/37th District Latinos Voters 2018 -2022

  1. In Santa Barbara County 2018 there were 152,312 voting age Latinos.

  2. In 2022 there were 69,421 registered Latino voters in SB county.

  3. In 2022 11% of registered Latino voters returned their ballots- 7,576 votes in the county primary election 2022.

  4. 27% of non Hispanic people returned their ballots.


  1. There are 82,891 voting age Latinos in SB county that are not registered to vote for any party. We republicans should go after them. Tequila and taco parties, bring in church and Latino community speakers for big free events. OUTREACH.

  2. The voting rate for the Latino community in CA has gone up from 8% in 2018 to nearly 15% in the 2022 primary. That’s an 87.5% increase. Are they all voting for Newsom or Trump?

  3. Are any other large and growing group starting to vote at that rate? NO.

  4. The Latino community makes up 25% of CA and 37% of SB county. And only 15% are registered to vote. That's like 10.2 million statewide that could be voting. And in SB county maybe 70,000 people that could voting R.

  5. The Latino community is our natural allies for conservative, family, faith, jobs, housing, low tax, low government messaging. The Dems kill jobs, hike gas prices, cut housing starts, cut energy production, teach gay sex to preteens in public schools, decry religion and decry America to children in public schools, have wide open borders bringing cartel and other criminals in, bringing in fentenayl, disease and lowering the wages for all Americans, and creating a massive welfare state that the Dems, want. But our Family first, America first Latino community will vote against all these Democrat must have items. The Latino community will not forgive any of this.

  6. We have a message on a card mailer ready to go out to the entire county, that is sure to bring in Latinos voters. Want to see it? Ask for a copy. Will send it.

Thomas Cole

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