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Collusion In Local Government

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

One wonders at the ability of our government to work in perfect harmony, ignoring an inconvenient request. Regarding a request for Santa Barbara election data from 14 months ago. Have still not heard a peep from BOS or election board, nor Sheriff or DA. All of whom are in receipt of this letter 14 months ago. (Nov, 2020) One wonders at the ability of our government to work in perfect harmony, ignoring an inconvenient request. The letter begins... ...To all County Supervisors. As campaign manager for Charles Cole for Assembly, we and our associates ran the campaign on issues like; more jobs, opening schools and business, limited government, no new taxes, support for police, protecting our Bill of Rights, vouchers and other libertarian and conservative messages. We garnered over 85,000 voters who agreed with those policy issues. Now, with all that's happened nationwide, we are looking into the many vote anomalies across our 37th Assembly district. Anomalies like the paucity of digital signature inspections, the tens of thousands of unknown new voters, and deserted college zones with huge turnouts and other problems. We have asked election officials for additional numerical data and other information to help us clarify the many anomalies we are finding. The response has been stonewalling, gaslighting and delaying or to give no information at all claiming, "Commercial privacy and public interest concerns." Some of the questions we sent to the BOS are outlined below. 1) How did the desolate, covid empty Isla Vista Student Residence Towers and other IV dorms show a 75% turnout, in spite of the illegality of ballot forwarding? The law says if students are not living in county 30 days before election, they cannot vote. 2) How did some precincts show an impossible 104% turnout, and many other precincts show unlikely 92% and higher turnouts? When the hotly contested 2016 Clinton/Trump election only gave an average 72% voter turnout. 3) And how did Cole's 37th district gain a staggering 17,894 new voters in the 2020 election? Over the heavily voted 2016, 37th district race? 4) With no increase in population? 5) And who are these 17,894 new 37th District voters? 6) Were their signatures verified? How? And where do they all live? (Did we suddenly build 17,894 new housing units in Santa Barbara?) 7) And how surprising it is these 17,894 new voters went 96.3% to the left! 8) And while we're at it - Going back to the March 3rd 2020 primary election. Why did it take our very competent local election board 37 days to count and certify those ballots from the primary? 9) And how last March during the five weeks of ballot counting time, did Mayor Cathy Murillo's vote totals increase by by a whopping 47% ? While primary winner Cole and other candidates votes increased only around 10%. Did Mayor Cathy's voters forget to vote on time? Charles Cole still won that primary, coming in first harpooning Murillo, Abboud, Dominguez and Bennett. But what is up with that 37 day count? Is it now election month? So these are serious times and serious questions. We expect election officials to answer and release requested raw numerical data to our campaign or any campaign, as we are legitimate representatives of our voting public, 85,000 worth. You are employees of the voters. Election data is public property, not secretive government property. We hired you to fairly run our elections, not hide data. We have asked for a meeting between the BOS, election officials and the Cole Campaign where we can discuss these issues. Including why the election board refuses to provide any data to us, and refuses inspection of the time stamped election numbers and refuses our inspection or simple testing of the dominion machines used in Santa Barbara to calculate our votes. A complete copy of this letter which includes election fraud codes was sent to the Board of Supervisors.

Dr. Thomas Cole Manager for Cole for Assembly 37th District CA Assembly

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