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UCSB spends taxpayer dollars - Defeating Bruce Porter

As part of our investigation into the UCSB election fraud kerfuffle, (see links below) an interesting web page turned up called GOVSERV Votes Isla Vista. The UC system has these for every campus and the site tells students how to vote, where to vote and why to vote. And I mean how to vote. Here's the link.

Look at this next poster from the Govserv Isla Vista site...with the cute Marxist fist bump. It's supplied by the NCLR group which is La Raza, "The Race" in English. It does indicate the UC student association has 245,000 voters in the UC system. This seems a good propaganda devise to have the government pay for UC schools all across CA and then have those students fed information on voting by La Raza.

"La Raza" sounds cute in Spanish, but if we had a group called "The White Race" things would be different. Also note the cute Marxist fist bump that NCLR uses in the imagery to attract

"the radicals".

Why the fascination with Marx? Because his theory means they get to attack/(kill) the rich oppressors, overlords, etc. So predictable. Any group with a grievance against the overlords turns to Marx. And some political party wishing to coalesce angry dispirit groups into a voting block, uses Marx. Others use freedom which is better but less successful.

In a population indoctrinated into obeying, the central hive, central control mentality works.

OK, now for a last poster from this Govserv website. This one presumably is for the folksy white kids because of the Western Store Front font they used. Just look at that hemp textured paper and the prairie blue font colors. It's the dust bowl all over again. Anyway this poster tells student they should make an "educated decision" when it comes to choosing a county supervisor. Don't choose one that will approve the Cat Canyon Oil Project!

And so here a CA taxpayer funded university is basically dictating local energy policy. Telling students who don't live in the county and will never have to scramble for an oil job to feed their families, that they should be educated and vote against Bruce Porter. Porter ran against Hartman and lost on the oil issue, primarily due to UCSB votes against him.

And this Govserv site is on all UC campus' each one with their own individual voting recommendations, tailored to oust and trample any conservative, pro business, pro energy, pro borders candidates that dare pop up near a UC campus. That's America for you... Let the government paid college kids run amok with capitalist funded Marxism. And there's more... Look below this poster!

Also here are links to the UCSB Investigations...

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