FB is not unassailable.

FB has created a public square while data-mining all their clients. SCOTUS has determined that if a company (FB) creates and uses a public square, that public square will be infused with the rights available to all Americans from our Bill of Rights, (written by James Madison).

And thus the 1st amendment guarantees the freedom of speech, even offensive, coercive, unpleasant speech. It’s all protected speech. And so, eventually, it will come to be that FB cannot control the content on FB. If it was private or a paid service, with privacy but no, FB is a free public service and is based in the USA and so has a nexus to the USA and so cannot claim to be not under USA laws, constitution or bill of rights. A classic that FB fregons expect profits and protection from the us gov but will be outraged when they have to abide by its free speech laws.😂🙉👍🇺🇸

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