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Oil for Energy or Live in Tents? Final Word Oct 28, 2021

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

In the US most of our energy comes from oil. Like it or not we need oil to get around, to make cement, drugs, plastics, paper even our roads are made out of oil and gravel. Is there even one product that doesn’t require some form of energy to produce? Not one and yet many feel that energy is the demon of this world, and oil is the devil.

It’s so crazy to see these government experts and globalists flying off to Davos or Luxembourg on luxury jets, burning 400 gallons an hour of jet-fuel, for important meetings to shut down oil production.

Or to the Paris accords where the nations of the world have decided the US must pay third world nations $400 billion a year, every year because, well they need the money and we use too much oil.

Of course China, India and Russia will never be paying energy fines. And they won’t be cutting down on their energy use any time soon but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that the US and western Europe admit their guilt and stop using so much energy.

Now the big scare tactic that is supposed to make oil use so reprehensible is climate change slash global warming. And that oil use is the culprit and that means western Europe and the USA are to blame for any hot days we are having.

The global warming alarmists have plenty of studies that show the earths temperature is heating up and that oil is to blame.

But there are also studies that concussively show CO2 levels to follow temperature rises which is a problem for the energy haters.

So let’s say we go back 10,000 years when New York City was under a mile of solid ice;

When camels, dire-wolves and sabertooth tigers roamed the streets of LosAngeles

And you could walk from Santa Barbara to Santa Rosa Island, if a cave bear didn’t eat you.

That world was much colder than today, about 15 degrees colder, and the ocean was down 400’ from todays coastlines.

Then for the last 8,000 years the entire world has been warming up… and the ocean has risen 400’. All without demon oil.

But still the alarmists say, oil is probably very bad.

And that’s the Final Word…

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