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Our Government Is Trying to Destroy US

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Thomas Cole on big government

Big government is always, bad government

Big government is always, bad government. And inflation is bad for everyone and especially bad for those on fixed incomes. The only silver cloud to inflation is that it allows the government to get out of debt, by making more dollars available to tax out of our hands to pay for previous government waste.

The French revolution was brought on by an idiotic government that directly caused an inflationary economy and bankruptcy that destroyed everyones wealth, from high government officials to lowly fish merchants. And there was a reckoning. People were PO'd.

And now we have the same thing happening as our idiot government destroys our economy with covid lockdowns, and fake fiat currency, and energy shutdowns, and inflating our currency and taxing us non stop at the same time. It looks like the government is trying to destroy America, and our local government is no different from the adrenochrome drinking fools in DC.

With Rino pukes like Bob Nelson and sex addled communist Laura Capps lying with both sides of their mouths to mollify and placate the dumbo electorate into believing the government knows best. Once they drive local business and property owners out of the county with endless fees and taxes - Officials from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and other international globalist wealthy will quickly move in and start paying the new $50,000 a year property taxes, all to support the government pensioners and employees of a useless and tyrannical government. The government works only for the government not the people.

The government manufactured covid epidemic gave the government another chance to hurt the citizen, hurt the private sector, locking down businesses, schools, churches, beaches on a false pretext of protection. The idiot government couldn’t keep a government created virus out of our nation even with millions of health and safety employees, scientists, doctors and other useless officials. And all the while the government kept taxing us, and kept its government people working and kept paychecks going out to all government employees.

The government doesn't care a wit about us, about businesses, about workers or students. Todays government exists strictly for the benefit of itself. Government officials exist to insure the collection of taxes and the payment of government payroll and pension debts.

Thus the guillotine.

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