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Red Wave of Freedom Coming... Posthumous from June 2019

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There's a red wave of freedom coming... It's here. California citizens have had it with the way we're being abused by petty bureaucrats, tyrants, pushing to close the state, for six months...cutting jobs and incomes for millions of Californians...and now you're not allowed to work?! Many of us are done with the Steve Bennetts, the Monique Limons, the Robert Levins, the Lorena Gonzalezs running our lives like we are children. Did you know Supervisor Bennett is in agreement with his health officer Robert Levin's plans to trace and track and quarantine all of Ventura? Using AB 262 written by Assembly member Gonzalez and voted for by Monique Limon' the bill authorizes local health officials to take "whatever means necessary" to stop a biologic hazard.  This is what the left has brought to California. Many feel it's time for a change.  These big government socialists spend their lifetimes destroying private sector jobs, strangling housing, while increasing welfare and of course increasing government pensions and incomes for all government workers... they always come first.  And now they have outlawed private sector jobs and earning a living and even walking to the beach. And wouldn't you know it... All government jobs are deemed essential!?? The working people and families of Ventura and Santa Barbara and all across are an impediment to these socialists.  You're expected to shut up, go in your house, eat ice cream and vote socialist forever.  Professional communists, big government spendaholics... All after power and your money. They will close down Santa Barbara for six months, they'll close down Los Angeles for a year, whatever it takes! Time to vote them out before there is no time left. We can't start to undo all the damage these power mad liberal socialists have done... until we vote them out. Let's start now. Charles Cole Candidate for State Assembly CA 37

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