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Santa Barbara Progressives Endorse Systemic Education Failure - Vote in Salcido over Lozano

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

From Dr Thomas Cole Montecito Owner PACAnalytic805 The reelection of Susan Salcido as superintendent indicates that progressives are indeed very supportive of the policies of educational failure. Now hear me out. Just because 2/3 of the students are failing in math doesn’t mean that liberals need to change viewpoints and tactics in education. OK it should mean that, but they don’t really have to change. The progressive government education machine has enough votes to simply vote down any change in their personnel or programs. With over half the workforce in government, its a built in, paid for majority. And education is a cash cow for the liberal machine. So if Latino students can’t read, write or do basic math, it doesn't matter. As long as this progressive education machine still gets paid taxpayer dollars, to run their obviously failing programs. That’s what matters. It’s all about the money. And that’s why I say, defund big government education now. Bring on a voucher program because that will ensure parents can choose successful education programs for their children. And isn't choice a good thing? Dr Thomas Cole Montecito CA

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