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Syria Is A Christian Nation

Dec 19 2016

Martin Schram insists we all get frantic with feelings of angst, regret and debilitating horror. In a classic fake news rant, Schram forwards the lie that Bashar Assad, Syria’s democratically elected leader with 82% of the vote, twice, is a children’s hospital bombing lunatic. Schram goes on to regurgitate USA fake news topic that Vladimir Putin is involved in Syria... just so he can murder civilians.

These viewpoints are untrue, alarmist and in fact have more sinister back currents. Scram wants us to follow along as Samantha Powers, U.S. Ambassador at the United Nations, a fierce neo con war hawk stirs lies about Russia and Syria into the US populous. Powers is bent on escalating every tin pot camel dictator conflict into WW3 between USA and Russia… The reasons for this are multiple. Mainly because Russia/Putin removed certain banking oligarchs from their county, and they want revenge. Russia has it’s own views on global economics, like not using petro dollars… These are the reason for all this Russia hate being drummed up by sections of the US government and nearly all the media.

The equation on the ground is simple. Russia is a neighbor of Syria, we are not. Bashar Assad is a protector of Christians and Russia is a Christian nation, we are not. Russia's Vladimir Putin attends churches and makes religion a central part of the new Russia. He and Assad are working together to end the terrorist threat to Syria and Russia wants to secure it’s submarine base in Syria. Simple.

Scram hates this neighborly Christian alliance and would have us believe many lies about civil war in Syria. Truth is, it’s a regional war, and is being funded and stratigised by many in the mid east, including the Saudis, Iran, Kuwait, Israel and the United States… We should get the hell out.

Schram is cheerleading for those powers that want a fractured Syria, a fractured mid east, all leading to a vacuum that will be filled by a US /Russia/ NATO conflict. That will erupt into WW3, leaving a huge vacuum.

Civil wars are brutal and DC insider Schram does the world a disservice by lying about so many things in Syria, a world no one can even get a cell phone into. This battle for Syria is being fought and won by established leaders Bashar Assad and Vladimir Putin, in an almost contained regional conflict. The USA should not interfere and stupidly cause WW3, a goal Schram and his secrete allies would profit from via munition sales, territory acquisition and death of millions, including American soldiers.

Back off Martin Schram, Samantha Powers as your fellow Neo cons run the USA for the next 40 days only. After that, all bets are off.

Thomas M. Cole JD

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