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Take This Tax Bill, and Shove It.

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Fed up with the GD government...

Reviewing a recent tax bill from the government. $17,564.63 to be exact. And I thought… Well the government is still very efficient at collecting taxes. All its employees are busy working away at government business this holiday season. Thinking about our government and that I’d write down my thoughts about that government, calling the government… You.

You allowed and likely brought a pathogen into our nation, our states and cities. And you manufactured and enhanced that pathogen with our taxpayer dollars. You have closed our economy. You have destroyed our businesses and millions of businesses nationwide. You have closed our ability to travel. You have herded us like stupid cattle into inspection lines, you have demanded to see our papers, make us bow and obey your every whim. You force us to send our children to your schools. And now you’ve closed our schools and refuse to allow us alternate government finances to send our students to private schools, which you have also closed. You have insisted that we take a jab of unknown toxins that you call a vaccine. And you insist that we have no recourse if it kills, maims or deforms us or our children in any way. You have outlawed clear and effective disease remedies, and outlawed any doctors who administer or even speak of these cheap and effective methods. You mandate us to obey and take the jab or get fired and face economic ruin, facing peril to our families and our relationships. You all the while sucking on the government teat that by the barrel of a rifle we are forced to fund. This is not your economy. This is our economy that you are destroying and you should pay the price of that loss.

You have purposefully created a two tier society where those who disobey you are the enemy. You have funded endless so called public service announcements calling us out who disobey as the enemy. You have labeled us traitors, anti social misfits that you expect to conform or be shunned, dispossessed and eliminated from society.

You in government who keep on taxing, keep on draining us dry with you orders, your pronouncements, mandates, liens, levees and confiscations of our rights, our money, our businesses and our lives. You government are the enemy. An enemy who needs to be taught a severe lesson ala the French Revolution lesson.

You are the root of our slavery, you are the cause of our poverty. You are the personification of a violent, malignant, organized blood sucking evil. So my Christmas message to you government? You can crumple and die, sooner the better. And you can take this tax bill and shove it.

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