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The Electoral College - Who Needs It? The Final Word Oct 12, 2021

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

From The Final Word airing five days a week on Channel 17 TVSB

Our Electoral College has its origins in ancient history. From the Romans to the Visigoths, colleges of nobles would elect a leader who would then ascend to kingship. This was a step away from hereditary rulers and a step towards a republic system of government.

Even the Vatican had the College of Cardinals since 1059, and for 1,000 years have been selecting Popes. The faithful did not vote directly for the Pope, but their representatives did.

Our founders broke away from King George, forming a Republic; Where the people voted for representatives, and those reps make the laws.

In our Great Compromise the founders were faced with small states refusing to join the Union… if the larger states could use their giant populations to injure, the smaller states.

The resulting Electoral College reflects an American fairness doctrine; That minority rights and minority states… shall not be out voted by a strict democracy system.

That’s the basic problem with a pure democracy: It involves three wolves and two sheep deciding what’s for dinner. The sheep always loses. In a pure democracy the minority is always outvoted. Sounds like California today.

Our Constitution solved this problem by giving each State two senators regardless of population.

The electoral College is closely bound with minority rights and Republican ideals. Under the Electoral system smaller states have more voting power per person than larger states.

This comports with the concept of a Republic, A system that shows respect for minority rights, for smaller States… and for smaller counties.

Today California has 40 million people which is way more than the thirteen colonies put together. And there is some talk of splitting the state to create more fairness for rural views.

By dividing CA we're talking about the rural areas rejecting Big City themes like; high taxes, low morals, school propaganda and riots.

California’s rural areas are looking for safe borders, effective schools, useful learning, parental choice, vouchers. Rural areas are pro business, pro family, pro freedom. These are conservative values.

Looking at the electoral college effect, we can see big cities today operate like the big states did in the 1700’s.

These giant cities like LA, San Francisco and San Diego determine all political decisions. This creates a disparity of power and many rural counties and persons are underserved and underrepresented; Their reasonable, non hysterical viewpoints are thwarted every time by big city demagoguery.

Prior to 1967 California had State assembly and senate seats per county regardless of population. This was deemed fair because the big cities could not rule over the rural counties.

This keep the City populations of unruly, hysterical mobs from implementing looney ideas. Today our cities are breeding grounds for critical race theory, stoking race hatred, mandating mania, lockdowns, orders, closures, riots, lawlessness and general hysteria.

Todays Cities are the lefts playthings. With Fed reserve banks doling out paper dollars, funding think-tanks, media outlets, universities, nonprofits; And their army of leftist antifa kids, angry infidels and brotherhoods ready to riot, loot and burn baby burn at the drop of a beret’.

Our cities are now riot factories and indoctrination centers. Their main goal in election season is to terrify the normal people into voting against whomever is the target of the riots.

Against all this big city hysteria… are the balancing principles of a republic;

To lessen the power of these factories of fanaticism by granting rural areas additional voting power; Where more sensible, calm and civil ideas are the rule.

And that’s The Final Word...

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