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 Consulting  on Your Race, School Board to State Assembly 

 Scripted speeches, videos to get your campaign in gear.

" I told Andy Caldwell you don't need a million dollars. Just run your campaign like the Cole's at Analytics805" Tom Widrow

Our  SuperPAC allows corporations, unions and private citizens  to fund INDEPENDENT EXPENDITURES FOR CANDIDATES -  Without Pesky Campaign Limits.



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Analytics 805 offers a wide range of services, including media relations, branding and strategy, video campaigns, and more. We work with you to customize messaging that best represents you. See what we offer below, and feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Video Production

We'll shoot and edit videos for any of your needs, from scripted events to opposition gotcha videos, guaranteed to raise eyebrows, and your vote count.

Opposition Research

If your running a campaign, vote drive or position statement, we  offer Opposition Research... including creation of negative media content through creative public interaction videos and plain old digging up dirt.


Our super PAC can allow corporations, associations, unions and private citizens to fund independent expenditure ad campaigns for candidates, without limits.


Analytics 805 is an influential Political Public Relations Agency dedicated to helping our clients gain exposure to the right audiences. Through a combination of our super PAC, promotions and events, we have the knowledge and experience to get your political message noticed. We’ve worked extensively and successfully with both new and established political campaigns. Are you ready to take your campaign to the next level?


George Miller - Publisher Citizens Journal Ventura County 300,000 circulation

I LOVED the way you brought out the issues and corrupt personalities entrenched here.


The videos were hard-hitting, full-throated, awesome!


George Miller


"I told Andy Caldwell 'you don't need a million dollars. Just run your campaign like the Cole's at Analytics805"   Tom Widrow

School Board Campaign Video
Why School Issues Will Win Lefty Votes

These videos brought Cole into first place in the March 3, 2020 Primary in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. 

Values Video - Familia - Trabajo - Faith

In Spanish

Campaign ad - Anti lock down protest in Ventura County CA 37
All Videos

All Videos

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