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Let our team create hard hitting and precisely guided videos, opinion, news reports and media content that will get you noticed in a good way on the national or local stage.

Power Analysis Charts

Get your campaign onto high gear with our proven concept, power analysis charts, scripted videos and staff-written news releases.

Website Creation

We build your own beautiful website with easy to use, modern features including your own business Email, a professional Logo.  We'll work with you to make your website look great, and we'll populate your site with attention getting media.

Opposition Research

If your running a campaign, vote drive or position statement, we  offer Opposition Research... including creation of negative media content through creative public interaction videos and plain old digging up dirt.

Video Production

We'll shoot and edit videos for any of your needs, from scripted events to opposition gotcha videos, guaranteed to raise eyebrows, and your vote count.

SEO Getting You Noticed

Well continuously update and manage your SEO on your website so you get noticed on Google and other search sites. 

You and Your Opposition

Utilize our proprietary power flow analysis charts  to discover how your organization actually functions. Also used to determine how adversaries organizations work or don't work. 


Our Methods Reveal

We Get You the Edge & Voters You Want

Our analytics show you where your voters are and where they stand on issues, block by block, district by district.

Using our proprietary methods including statistical analysis of government data bases , we identify voters that will resonate with your issues and how to reach them. 


We reach your possible voters  with targeted media campaigns, targeted voter outreach and direct adverts.

All charts are copy written and reserved for Analytics805. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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