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Independent Gives JCCC Royal Treatment

Separate and Not Equal Noticed in the Independent‘s articles on Just Communities, no mention is made of the evidence that exists against them. JC’s own written materials from charts and synopses show that whites are the “oppressors,” Christians are the “oppressors,” and people of color are the oppressed. In JC training sessions, whites are physically segregated from non-whites and are hornswagled into hearing all about the oppression that whites are responsible for. Non-whites are similarly segregated into racial groups and told that whites are the problem and are the reason that colored people are unhappy. This is called equity training. Sounds more like hate training.

And all this for only $300,000 a year from taxpayers. It is also disappointing but somehow not surprising the group is led and championed by a Jewish man, Jarrod Schwartz, who one would think could appreciate segregation as better left in the past. Why in heaven’s name is JC pushing racial segregation in schools or anywhere? Could it be an easy paycheck behind this push to equalize everyone? Or my theory is it's an enmity towards white and Christians and getting paid by the the government to attack those groups of people.

And why is the school district standing beside his so-called Just Communities group with taxpayer dollars? Millions have been paid to this group. And now those taxpayer dollars are being used to defend state-sanctioned racial segregation. That is discrimination on the basis of ethnicity by a state actor, so we have a cut and dried Section §1983 Federal discrimination case. JC will lose, and the taxpayers will pay all the bills, while Santa Barbara Unified School District will sit back, give themselves a raise and endless pensions. That is a price we must pay to free our public schools of state sanctioned segregation.

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