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Marx Was Just a Guy from Trier Germany News Press 2015...

The thing is democrats have a history. Let me tell you. If you look at NYC international bankers in 1848, they were going crazy for this little crazy man from Trier Germany who had just published his manifesto... Couldn't wait to get him in into NYC to shake hands and do the party and lecture circuit. Back then there weren't even any Republicans cause we were not invented to end the civil war and vote for Lincoln until 1861. But the left of that day loved this new guy in 1848 calling Karl Marx a genius.

Next in 1913 the same NYC international bankers combined with the Democratic Party and a college professor candidate... (sounds familiar) who promised to keep America out of Europes wars... Soon after President Wilson sold out to the international bankers, giving them all of American banking and monetary power of the Fed Reserve. Three years later we entered WW1 against Germany who was our friend three years earlier. Another leftist fake out sellout. That same year, 1917 NYC international bankers sent tens of millions of American dollars to support the Bolshevik revolution led by a Marxist named Lenin... who then proceeded to murder the entire Royal Christian Russian family line... down to the babies...

👹. And NYC Bankers cheered... while making millions in WW1 as millions of USA and European youths died in the mud... So you see when you have a democrat candidate like Hillary or any of them, they are pro Marx, pro war, anti Christian, anti USA, anti nationalism, anti founders, anti white male....and they are loved and supported by NYC international bankers.... and their media… Well people should know better... And so naturally I’m against this candidate and all Dems because I know the history behind these people.

The left has a long and sorted past. It's the divide and concur, anti founding, anti Christian crowd financed by the international bankers every time. They had to get rid of Glenn Beck when he did a show on the Federal Reserve, he crossed a line and was gone. Even from Fox news, it’s only a charade. Fox is owned by the same people as CNN and is only there so we don’t get suspicious…

Now they got rid of Bill O Reilly on trumped up charges. All these women were paid by Media Matters a front group for the International bankers/ Soros all the same.. to called with their NYC cabal lawyers to remove Bill because he crossed the line, interrupted Krauthammer too many times.. Not allowed… It's so boring and so predictable right in front of the face but.... clever propaganda keeps leftists from looking at reality. That is why I would never support any democrat. Even a dumb commie cowboy from Montana. or some beta cuck who follows his girlfriend around like a puppy. You’re putting lipstick on a pig but it's still a baby killing commie bastard.😂

The dem media is owned by the banks/ fed reserve system like goldman sachs... and so the dems have been taken over by these and are using socialist/marxist /alinsky tactics to undermine USA, destroy christian values, destroy white nationalism. Today Russia is on a different path, that of a centralized beneficent white christian oligarchy led by Putin, and the USA is being led to a civil war by using old soviet style politics against traditional christian values ... Russia is not involved in any of this. The theories Russia used to ascribe to, are now in use by leftists in USA, Russia and USA are now in reverse. Our 1917 bolshevik revolution is on the way.

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