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Attack the Communists - Tepid Does't Win Elections

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Happy Easter. Nice MWQ poster. I have to stay out of it but... I'm just asking

1) How does MWQ expect to move the needle without attacking the incumbent? Someone should ask her this, not me.

2) This is the same mistake Andy Caldwell made. It was him and "his friend Salud". That kind of placid campaign leads to the same problem year after year. The incumbent is left without injury and every new opponent has to start from scratch. We should be tearing them down every year. It's the long game.

3) As a student of war history and American election history, and economics and banking wars author, I know for a historical fact these mild, tepid campaigns do not work. And yet our candidates keep at it every season, even running as independents thinking somehow they can pull the wool over Republicans while talking out of the side of their mouth to the independents.

4) That never works because of course the Repubs are voting for the Republican candidate, if there is one. And certainly won't vote for someone who doesn't stand with our brand. And the npp's are all basically democrats so why would they suddenly jump ship for some constitution talking beltway scientist gal? Not going to happen.

5) Unless we attack the incumbent on substantive and corrosive issues the voters care about, things will remain the same. (63% - 37%) Things we should attack dem incumbents on are; School lockdowns, school choice, parental control, Teen Talk (gov porn) in schools (Hispanics hate this), Just Communities Race and anti Christian bias 'training' in mandatory government schools, high gas prices, business closures, Church closures, vax mandates - (what happened to my body, my choice?) And the lefts anti manufacturing, anti energy, anti building anti police, anti border bias. Anti America bias. These are all things many independents are starting to hate about the left. And Republicans already hate all this junk, except maybe our RINO's who can't decide which side they are on.

6) These items are all democrat policies, created by democrats, implemented by democrats, run by democrats. So what's the problem? Go after the damn democrat office holders, it's on them. They have no hiding place. That is the only way to get votes from the independents ... convince them the incumbent democrats are out of step with all their crazy ideas that are hurting our children, hurting our businesses, hurting our communities, county and state. I hear a speech...

7) And while they're at it, ask our friend Salud why he keeps meeting with communists and giving awards to communists (Flacks) and having breakfast meetings with DSA chapters, and why he keeps shutting down north county businesses, energy and manufacturing, hurting hispanisc families while attending big ritzy Montecito fundraisers. I'll even throw in a free phrase.

"Salud - Parties with south county white elites while creating poverty for north county Mexicans." See, that's not so hard to say. And it's true, and the district is 40+% hispanic so what are we waiting for?

8) Also I already know what the numbers will be for this race. Go ahead and ask me if you want to know. There's no getting around precinct numbers, no magic formula. Our best bet is to go after the wobbly independents by attacking the incumbents. Go after the hispanics by pointing out how Democrat incumbent policies hurt their communities. Go after the JFK dems and the Younkin voters by pointing out, JFK would not be a democrat today. That's the ticket.

Best Easter wishes Thomas Cole

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